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Mandy Persidi was born in Thessaloniki but brought up in Athens, the town where she currently lives. In 2004 she was awarded with a B.A. Degree in English Language (Linguistics), by the American College of Greece (Deree College). She had been working on the particular field for four years, giving private lessons in English and translating scientific books and documents.


Her love for the field of Nutrition & Dietetics urged her to receive another diploma in 2006, certified by the state, from the Private School of Hygeia Hospital.


Since June until December of 2008, she was really privileged to have her post-studies practice in “Attikiros Zin”, a company which at that period of time had cooperation with “Hygeia” hospital and “Iaso” maternity hospital. The fact that her practice was split into both hospitals, provided her with knowledge and experience on clinical nutrition and nutrition for the periods before- during and after pregnancy.

2009 - present

In May 2009, there begun a cooperation with Harokopeio University, in connection with a scientific research on “Nutrition Assessment of Psychotic Patients & Quality of Life”. Additionally, since May 2009 up until December of the same year, there was another cooperation with the pharmaceutical company FRESENIUS KABI HELLAS A.E.E, for the creation and translation of documents related with disease conditions, such as gastrointestinal problems (e.g. Crohn’s Disease, peptic ulcer, gastroesophageal reflux), diabetes, dislipidemias, heart disease, kidney diseases.

Since 2009, Mandy Persidi has been working as a Nutrition Consultant, providing nutrition support for weight loss, management of pathological conditions linked to or influenced by nutrition, guidance to individuals with special needs (e.g. pregnant & lactating women), as well as ways to achieve and maintain lifestyle modifications.

In 2011 she had a collaboration with the Greek Language Institute & Child Development “Little Socrates” that resides in London. She was responsible for the development of students’ daily menu plans. Since the same year she has been active in the field of publishing as well as writing scientific books and manuscripts, which cover a wide range of nutrition science topics (e.g. enteral & parenteral nutrition).

Since 2013 she has been holding a collaboration with the Clinical & Diagnostic Center "AIMODIAGNOSIS", where her legal office is. In cooperation with other clinicians and doctors, she provides nutrition support to individuals who aim at managing weight or health issues.

In 2014 she started cooperating with the 1st Internet radio for kids in Greece, "ifeelkid".On her own column, she provides nutrition related articles for children and adults.

Composition of educational material, articles, public presentations

Apart from work experience, Mandy Persidi has taken part in the composition of educational material, articles, public presentations and research papers. Some of those are presented below.

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